Mettā is a neighborhood restaurant located on the corner of Adelphi and Willoughby in historic Fort Greene.  We serve a seasonal, plant-forward, locally sourced menu. 

Sustainability is at the center of how we serve food at Mettā.  As a community based restaurant, we are committed to supporting a healthy future within our food system and observe the following guidelines: 

- We purchase raw ingredients in peak season when everything tastes the best and transportation is the shortest.  We preserve the majority of this produce through fermentation to be served all year. 

- We are committed to eliminating waste wherever possible.  We cross utilize ingredients between bar and kitchen through the use of broths, house malt salts, natural fats, and preservation through fermentation.  

- We work with smaller regional farmers who share our commitment to sustainable techniques of land management.  Our wine partners are natural, biodynamic, low sulfite, and frequently hand harvest.

- We are a carbon-neutral business.  Our electricity is purchased from 100% renewable sources, but 75% of a restaurant’s carbon footprint comes from the extractive nature of food production itself.  At present, there is no way to grow, transport, and cook food without drawing carbon out of the earth and releasing it into the atmosphere.  

- To offset Metta's carbon footprint to zero, we first measure the carbon emissions created by food production, transportation, and cooking.  We then invest in carbon sequestration initiatives which capture or avoid emitting an equal or greater amount of carbon into the atmosphere.  Our partner for certification is zerofoodprint.org and our current initiatives are in methane digesters and cleaner cookstoves. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.


197 Adelphi Street ⤢
Brooklyn, ny 11205
718 233 9134 ✆

mon thru fri - 5:30-10
sat and sun - 2-11

bar after hours
mon thru fri - open until 11
sat - open until 12